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'Live The Buzz' is a mental health awareness organisation based in the UK, reaching individuals globally through documentary interviews exploring the lived experience since 2019. 'Live The Buzz' has reached over 100,000 people globally across various social media outlets. Highlights include interviews with award- winning poet Benjamin Zephaniah and BAFTA recipient Joe Gilgun. The mission of 'Live the Buzz' is to raise the conversation around mental health and well-being and to encourage a more compassionate and educated societal response to people struggling with their mental health.




Edith Collins founded 'Live The Buzz' in 2019 in honour of their brother Eric, who passed away from mental health in 2016. With a background in BSc Counselling Psychology and MSc Computational Neuroscience, Edith applies this in-depth understanding of mental health in one-to-one interviews to promote the representation. 

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